2 agosto, 2018

Trabaja desde casa como copywriter

Cuando las personas me preguntan cuál es mi profesión y yo contesto que soy una copywriter que trabaja desde casa, todos inevitablemente ponen una cara de duda, sonríen incómodamente.
13 noviembre, 2017

TinkerLink makes a good impression at Web Summit

26 octubre, 2017

La economía colaborativa y las mujeres en México

1 agosto, 2017

How to write your first blog

What if you make one of your own? Sharing something of your own, whether intimate or not, can be perhaps one of the most liberating experiences and maybe your new hobbie or even your next job.
17 julio, 2017

Happy Secretary’s Day in México

That is why today we celebrate the Day of the Secretary where people can thank them and return their great work with a lot of affection.
29 junio, 2017

Most wanted Jobs for the summer

15 junio, 2017
trabajos de verano

How to take advantage of a summer job

30 mayo, 2017

Legal consultant

10 mayo, 2017

Lessons we’ve learn from working moms