5 julio, 2017

Renew your home, where to start?

Always there is a moment when we start looking at things that can be fixed and improved at our home and we keep postponing because we don´t know how to start, who to call, or if it is...
28 junio, 2017

Choosing a good Music Teacher

27 junio, 2017

Keys to restore your kitchen without spending too much money

Everyone loves cooking in a bright and well-organized kitchen. However, we often find ourselves with messy and inconvenient cooking spaces...
13 junio, 2017

How to train properly

27 abril, 2017

Kids birthday party entertainer

20 abril, 2017

The Role of a Personal Trainer

4 abril, 2017

Tips for a successful catering event

When we think of a good catering service, we immediately picture food trays, fried foods, sausages and foods that are known for their high caloric content. However, a catering can also offer more economic and healthy options.
27 marzo, 2017

I found the perfect photographer for my wedding

When you’re organizing your wedding, there are so many things to consider that it can be easy to forget one of the most important things, choosing a good wedding photographer. Someone that’s able to immortalize that magic moment for the rest of your life. Someone that can connect with your emotions and that makes the best of one of the most important days of a woman’s life
27 marzo, 2017

The Nanny, more than just a babysitter

Being an exemplary mother and being responsible for a family with three kids might seem like an easy job, but in fact, one must be extremely organized to be a mother and a professional at the same time. I tried my best, I woke up every day at five in the morning to prepare breakfast, pack lunch boxes and send my kids to school, while being a good wife and trying to keep everything clean and organized, which was truly impossible.