15 octubre, 2018
mujeres en campaña de lucha contra el cancér de mama

October 15th: Breast Cancer Awareness Day

23 septiembre, 2018
mujer recolectando verdura

Tips for a sustainable lifestyle

13 julio, 2017

How to choose the best physical therapist

Many hours at work, stress and a bad posture are some of the causes of the annoying back pains, that, unfortunately, affects every day more people in our society. Luckily, there are some heroes called physical therapist who will save your day with their hands.
21 junio, 2017

When their relatives can’t take care of them, who will?

2 junio, 2017
Alcanzar un bienestar físico y mental

Music therapy, the new healing trend

30 mayo, 2017

How to develop your Reiki practice

20 abril, 2017

The Role of a Personal Trainer

12 diciembre, 2016

Find the best caretaker for disable people

Sometimes we need someone to take care of those we love and the search is often made in a hurry so eventually we regret hiring them because they didn’t fill our expectative. The problem is that not everyone is capable to be a caretaker, especially when special care is required in cases of people with physical or mental disabilities. Here are some essential requirements to consider when looking for someone to help:
12 diciembre, 2016

Being the best physical therapist

One of the worst discomforts that affects people’s lives nowadays is back related illness due to unhealthy habits, stress or a sedentary lifestyle, so the role of a physical therapist becomes each time more and more necessary to help solve these issues, but, what qualities should a good physical therapist have?