5 julio, 2017

Renew your home, where to start?

Always there is a moment when we start looking at things that can be fixed and improved at our home and we keep postponing because we don´t know how to start, who to call, or if it is...
27 junio, 2017

Keys to restore your kitchen without spending too much money

Everyone loves cooking in a bright and well-organized kitchen. However, we often find ourselves with messy and inconvenient cooking spaces...
13 junio, 2017

A good electrical technician

Electrical technicians oversee the installation and maintenance of wires, fuses and other electrical components necessary to carry electricity to companies, factories and homes...
20 abril, 2017

Restoring old furniture in 6 steps

27 marzo, 2017

Who can recommend a good plumber? URGENT

Nothing can be worse than coming home after a long day’s work to find a broken pipe and a flooded house. Those are the moments when you think “Who could possibly save me now”...
12 diciembre, 2016

Lengthen the life of your washing machine

The washing mashing is probably one of the most important household appliances there is at home. So, when it breaks it often brings stress and bitterness ...
2 noviembre, 2016

Find a good plumber

Plummer are the experts in charge of those technical tasks needed around the house that go from installations, repairs and even emergencies regarding pipes, boilers, counters, etc.