11 agosto, 2017

TinkerLink team visited ICATEP at Puebla

The TinkerLink team visited the “Instituto de Capacitación para el Trabajo del Estado de Puebla” (ICATEP) to show the innovative application to offer and find expert services recommended by people you already know.
7 agosto, 2017

TinkerLink visita ICATEP en Puebla

Hasta el Instituto de Capacitación para el Trabajo del Estado de Puebla (ICATEP) llegó un equipo de TinkerLink para dar a conocer la innovadora aplicación para ofrecer y encontrar servicios de expertos recomendados por personas que ya conoces.
6 julio, 2017

Jobs that can’t be automated

The future is here. Robots, understood as technology and all derived products, are a fundamental part of daily life and have come to change our society. Automation makes it possible for machines to perform human tasks more efficiently than ever before. In January consultant McKinsey & Company conducted a study that concluded that almost any occupation has the potential to be automated.
1 junio, 2017
Red de expertos

Why does TinkerLink need access to my contacts?

1 mayo, 2017
Día del trabajo

We celebrate International Workers’ Day by introducing TinkerLink in Mexico

7 abril, 2017

Family & Friends Testing Day

On April 6th, more than 50 people visited the Cronos Group headquarters in Barcelona to attend the “Family and Friends Testing Day”, an event in which people of all ages, nationalities, tastes and professions came together to test and discover the Tinkerlink app.
2 diciembre, 2016

The top 5 searched Jobs

28 noviembre, 2016

Tinkerlink in the new digital era

28 noviembre, 2016

Tinkerlink en la nueva era digital