20 junio, 2017

Cost of painting your house per square meter

There are several things you should consider to properly calculate how much it costs to paint a house.
27 marzo, 2017

The Nanny, more than just a babysitter

Being an exemplary mother and being responsible for a family with three kids might seem like an easy job, but in fact, one must be extremely organized to be a mother and a professional at the same time. I tried my best, I woke up every day at five in the morning to prepare breakfast, pack lunch boxes and send my kids to school, while being a good wife and trying to keep everything clean and organized, which was truly impossible.
12 diciembre, 2016

Choose a reliable nanny

One of the most stressful decision parents have is to find a nanny to trust enough to take care of their children. Whether it is for a couple of hours or daily while they work, most parents feel insecure when it comes to looking for help.  To help the searching process, we share some important aspects to keep in mind when looking for a nanny, so parents feel safe and sure:
12 diciembre, 2016

10 Keys for a perfect ironing