20 diciembre, 2017

How to get ready to look amazing on Chistmas

Llega el 24 de diciembre, y para todos es importante verse bien, pero hoy lo dedicamos a las mujeres como lucir bella en Navidad...
18 diciembre, 2017

How to choose the best make up artist for your bridemaids?

Para el día más importante tenemos que elegir al mejor maquillista de todos quien nos hará lucir fantásticas y llenas de luz en el día B, no solo a nosotras sino a nuestras invitadas también...
20 julio, 2017

Five tips to save your hair this summer

Sea, pool, sun, hair irons and the dryer are just some of the factors that are doing some important damage to your hair, and in the summer season it is even more difficult to escape of them. Brittle and broken tips or dry hair are the main consequences of our favourite time of the year, but do not worry!
30 mayo, 2017

Things you should know before you become a tattoo artist

To become a tattoo artist is a passion job. You must dedicate a lot of time and patience, but after so many years of working on it you will be a tattoo expert.
12 diciembre, 2016

Fix your nails after having a gel manicure

We love having gel manicures, it makes our nails look perfect and pretty, all the time. But when we must take them off, our nails are weaker and start to break and appear unhealthy. Although we have things we can make before and after applying this time of manicure, if you know some simple caring tips while having your gel manicure, you’ll find that removing them won’t be as dramatic.