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13 October, 2018
8 cosas que debes considerar al momento de ponerte en contacto con un experto

8 things you should take into consideration while contacting an expert

In TinkerLink we always keep in mind the well-being of all our tinkers that make our experts community grow by implementing security measures and updating our inside tools in the app so as, any user can navegate and use the app free to feel safe and sound.   Did you […]
6 October, 2018
app TinkerLink

Reasons why using TinkerLink is safer

Daily you can face a problem that affect our routine, like when we got a flat tire, or have an emergency with the plumbs of your home, maybe you will need to hire someone to help you with the cleaning, and you don’t know who you’re gonna call and regularly […]
22 September, 2018
Expert found in TinkerLink

Expert found in TinkerLink

Do you know the new feature that TinkerLink offers you? Now with the “Expert found”, could be daily updated with the experts that aren’t available.   What’s it about? Now from the app you’ll be able to close your ads when you have found the services of a trustful expert, […]


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