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15 October, 2018
mujeres en campaña de lucha contra el cancér de mama

October 15th: Breast Cancer Awareness Day

As in every part of the world today we celebrate the fight that many women had won agains breast cancer. This helps to rise attention, and support related to the awareness, early detection, treatment, and palliative care. According to the OMS, breast cancer generates 1.38 million new cases each year and […]
14 October, 2018
Los 10 mejores disfraces para este Halloween

Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes

October has arrived and now it’s time for you to start thinking which would your costume be. I know that some times we leave this decision for the last minute or the actual day, or even a week before Halloween, but if you want your friends and yourself to steal […]
13 October, 2018
8 cosas que debes considerar al momento de ponerte en contacto con un experto

8 things you should take into consideration while contacting an expert

In TinkerLink we always keep in mind the well-being of all our tinkers that make our experts community grow by implementing security measures and updating our inside tools in the app so as, any user can navegate and use the app free to feel safe and sound.   Did you […]