11 October, 2018

San Luis Potosí and its historical job offer

San Luis Potosí lives a historic moment for its labor market. At the end of the second quarter of 2017, the State registered at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) more than 416 thousand jobs.
9 October, 2018
cleaning lady

Bad experience with the cleaning lady?

Nos puede pasar a todos y forma parte de la vida real. Seamos claros, los sustos suceden. ¿Quién no ha tenido alguna vez una mala experiencia contratando a algún extraño para que le haga un servicio?
6 October, 2018
app TinkerLink

Reasons why using TinkerLink is safer

Daily you can face a problem that affect our routine, like when we got a flat tire, or have an emergency with the plumbs of your home, maybe you will need to hire someone to help you with the cleaning, and you don’t know who you’re gonna call and regularly […]
2 October, 2018
car into the water

Tips in case your car got stuck in a flooding due to rain

Imagine that you got stuck without knowing what to do, inside your car in the middle of a strong storm and the only thing you can see is a flood and cars… Here we are going to give you some advice just in case your car got stuck  in a […]
1 October, 2018
vista de la catedral de puebla

Puebla, the Mexico’s Silicon Valley

Puebla has become one of the municipal governments of Mexico that has given more importance to the entrepreneurship and a bigger support to the particular economic activity of its citizens.
23 September, 2018
mujer recolectando verdura

Tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Are you a pro-environmentalist? If your answer was yes, then we will give you some tips for a sustainable lifestyle which would have a positive impact not only on your life but in the ones who you interact with as well. But before that… did you know that according to […]
21 September, 2018

TinkerLink Top Up support

19 September, 2018
people help

19th of September: The day we meet huge experts

And… where were you the last 19th September of 2017? You might be one of the huge experts whom helped rebuild Mexico City. Today has been a year since one of the worst earthquakes that has hit our country. But not everything was that bad, because solidarity came out that […]
17 September, 2018

1,500 fired people in BBVA, the effect of the new technologies

Did you know that the new technologies are the cause of 1,500 people fired from Bancomer? This was because of the implement of multitask atm and mobile app. “Sources with the knowledge about the topic, could confirm the fire of this employees, which started in August and will continue in […]