15 October, 2018
mujeres en campaña de lucha contra el cancér de mama

October 15th: Breast Cancer Awareness Day

As in every part of the world today we celebrate the fight that many women had won agains breast cancer. This helps to rise attention, and support related to the awareness, early detection, treatment, and palliative care. According to the OMS, breast cancer generates 1.38 million new cases each year and […]
14 October, 2018
Los 10 mejores disfraces para este Halloween

Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes

October has arrived and now it’s time for you to start thinking which would your costume be. I know that some times we leave this decision for the last minute or the actual day, or even a week before Halloween, but if you want your friends and yourself to steal […]
13 October, 2018
8 cosas que debes considerar al momento de ponerte en contacto con un experto

8 things you should take into consideration while contacting an expert

In TinkerLink we always keep in mind the well-being of all our tinkers that make our experts community grow by implementing security measures and updating our inside tools in the app so as, any user can navegate and use the app free to feel safe and sound.   Did you […]
11 October, 2018
hombres y mujeres trabajando

Sewing an artisan job.

Sewing is a noble job which with the pass of time, has been updated and complemented with the interest of seamstresses on clothes design. These experts know better than anyone else how to make or adapt a dress, a pant or a blouse shaped to the body of a real […]
10 October, 2018
costurero trabajando

The male seamstress that triumphed in the NY’s Fashion Week

The Mexican Gil Mendoza is a male seamstress that works at full gas at a factory so the designers could take their creations on time to the New York City’s Fashion Week. Mendoza has been working for ten years in one of these factories, next to other Mexican and Ecuatorian […]
7 October, 2018
niño o niña

Gender Reveal Party: the new trend to reveal your baby´s gender

Is it a boy or a girl? this is the first question couples are asked when they reveal they´ll become parents. Fist it was the baby shower, now the gender reveal party, from the USA, aimed to reveal your baby´s gender in a middle of a party or reunion. The […]
5 October, 2018
perrhijo y su dueño

The “dog-son” (perrhijos), a reality that has been expanding

The Millennial generation in Mexico has been opting for a trend that includes a new family model: dogs and friends.   What is all the fuzz about? A Perrhijo is a new trend that roots from the change in the family traditional concept like father. mom and children, now more […]
4 October, 2018
boleador trabajando

Boleros, the shoe polish masters

In the current culture, the work known as boleros is about to be forgotten, spread in different parks and some main avenues of the city, youngsters doesn’t even seem to use them anymore. Their main target. The main users are adults and half age adults, between 30 and 50 years […]
3 October, 2018
elotero y clientes

The Elotero that adapted to technology

Mr. Hijinio Camacho is a Mexican Elotero of 46 years old, he has been living in the US for 22 years now. He left the state of Puebla and since then he has been working as a walking sales man. His working route goes through the states of Washington, Oregon […]