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In today’s economy, there are millions of people looking for a job! Most jobs are based on trust and confidence between employer and employee. When hiring cleaners, drivers, gardeners and cooks, employers seek for a guarantee of trustworthiness of their potential employee and employees need to know that their employer is also trustworthy.

TINKERLINK was born as the first social app where you can search, find and connect with trustworthy experts recommended by people you already know.

In America, there are 7 million people looking for a job and 25 million in Latin America. For all these heroes and domestic workers, the traditional way in which they find jobs used to be through sporadic word of mouth recommendations which would take a lot of time. Tinkerlink has brought this activity to the online world and as close to you at your fingertips via a mobile app . TinkerLink is also a lot fairer for those offering their services as it enables them to make their own connections, negotiate their fees, and establish their own terms for contracts.

TinkerLink has been made by very talented, socially responsable, multicultural and professional team from all over the world. With offices in Barcelona, HK, NY and Tel Aviv, TinkerLink has been nurtured by Cronos Group a global telecommunications provider of advanced voice and data services into the regulated, rapid growth and emerging markets.

Welcome to TinkerLink the First Trustworthy Experts Network

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25 September, 2018
Mobile World Congress Amercias 2018

TinkerLink in the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 introducing its new features

TinkerLink in the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018, introduced its new features which are already implemented in our mobile app. Surrounded by drones and a lot ot technology, we share talent with other startups which as us, they look forward to work hard for a better future. Under the motto […]
11 September, 2018
evento de la semana del emprendedor

TinkerLink on the Entrepreneur Week 2018

Did you know that the entrepreneur week is happening? The most important business and entrepreneur event in Mexico it is also the biggest one in the whole Latin America. Today we attended that meeting point, where more of 100 thousand people visit, between entrepreneurs, business owners and college students. The […]
26 August, 2018
Feria del Empleo

Did you miss the 37th Job Fair 2018? You still have a chance to get what you are looking for

The past Thursday we were in the 37th Job Fair CDMX which took place in the Sport Palace, this event is one of the biggest events in the country, organized by the National Job Secretary with the aim that all candidates attended in person to receive a personalized attention by […]